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Start is part of Andre Salata's audio community and Vinicius Honorio's label, Liberta Records.

Redaçã Desande Oficial - Brasil

You know when they say that kindness begets kindness? Well, it also works for Electronic Music. And if you're like Salata, taking care of an entire community of new talent, then you'll really generate music, as happened in this new release. The components involved in this news are between two more than acclaimed Techneiros Brazucas: Vinicius Honorio and André Salata himself. Both have had a strong musical relationship since Vini Honorio's Liberta Records label was released in 2018. Now, what came to life was a remix EP containing 6 tracks produced by the winners of a contest held a few months ago within the community. Salata audio track. Gustavo Bassani, Maccari, William Marqs, Juliano Bortolato, Nisek and Allana Letm form the Back2Back Remixes team, a heavy release that just came out on Liberta, on the 26th. In view of this more than special initiative, we present the winners of the contest and their tracks, each with their own personality and authentic creative proposal; today, therefore, is another Techno day around here. Let's go to Techno Music's edgy beats:


São Paulo-SP

Para sua versão de “Back2Back”, Maccari optou por uma estrutura minimalista, que coloca naturalmente os ruídos de fundo em destaque e uma vibe “bleepy”.

William Marqs


Willian Marqs decidiu seguir um caminho orientado para o trabalho com synths, texturas de corda e a repetição constante dos vocais para criar um estilo galponeiro para a faixa original.

Juliano Bortolato

Campo Grande-MS

Fortes subgraves e baterias dinâmicas marcam a ótica musical de Juliano Bortolato; uma boa alternativa para os cases.


São Paulo-SP

Nisek escolheu uma atmosfera mais “molhada”, industrial e ágil para “Back2Back”. Impossível não se mexer nos momentos mais quentes de uma festa.

Allana Letm


Allana Letm foi para um lado clubber com um bom contraste entre ruídos obscuros e bateria aguda, que dita os passos dos ouvintes nos drops.

Artists: V/A

EP: Back2Back Remixes

Label: Liberta Records

Catalog No: LBRT32

Release Date: 26/08/2022

Vini and Andre organized a remix contest for their collaboration ‘Back2Back’ and the results

brought together some of the freshest talents from the techno scene in Brazil. Remixes is a 6-track

EP featuring Gustavo Bassani, Maccari, William Marqs, Juliano Bortolato, Nisek and Allana Letm.

Post by Desande Oficial Brasil


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