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Issue #10 has just arrived!

With a lot of talent and beauty to present to you, we are back with the most beautiful project in the electronic scene!

Meet now the participants of issue #10 of the Elas, Delas DJ Music Mag project:



(DJ/Producer/Streamer, Melodic Techno/Indie Dance - São Paulo-SP)

My name is Ana Carolina, but my stage name is MIKAA. I am 24 years old and from São Paulo, SP.

I am a DJ, Producer, and Streamer in my spare time, currently playing melodic techno/indie dance.

I started attending electronic music festivals and clubs because I have always been passionate about the genre. However, I couldn't go to these festivals and clubs because of my age. Instead, I always watched them on social media, wishing I could attend someday.

The first event I attended was Lollapalooza 2019 on my 19th birthday. I saw Vintage Culture perform, and it was something that deeply moved me; I fell in love with electronic music from that moment.

I believe what made my heart beat faster for electronic music is that I have always been drawn to music. I played guitar and electric guitar as a child. My parents played a significant role in this connection; they bought those Summer Eletro Hits CDs, and I listened to them since I was a child.

I remember there was a group of kids where I lived, and we used to dance FreeStep, which brought me even closer to electronic music.

I had a YouTube channel, and all my video backgrounds featured some electronic music. When I saw the show at Lolla for the first time, it felt like I had found my place. I was sure of it when I went to Só Track Boa the same year.

What does electronic music represent to you?

Electronic music for me is like the air I breathe, it’s in everything and in every moment of my life. I feel it’s where I can connect with people, connect with myself, and express myself to the world.

What is your biggest goal in the electronic music scene?

I really want to connect with people around the world, for my music to inspire and be the soundtrack of people's lives.

My biggest dream is to play around the world and be recognized for my music, to build a story with my journey and be able to share it with the world!

Tell us about upcoming dates, releases, or any music/project you want to highlight:

Recently, I released a V.A on Blancah's label, which was supported by her at Universo Paralello.

I also released an EP on Panda Labels, one of the Top 5 labels on BEATPORT. This EP reached #21 on the melodic techno top charts.

Leave a message here for the readers of DJ Music Mag:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to talk more about my project and share my story with you. I hope that from now on, you can get to know more about me and follow my entire journey.

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DJ Dharly

(DJ of Organic House, Deep House, Melodic House, Progressive, Techno, and Indie - Dubai- Emirates)

My name is Darly Ferreira, born in Caxias do Maranhão, raised in Brasília - the capital of Brazil. Currently, I live in Dubai, where I've been residing for 13 years.

I've been active in the electronic music scene for 11 years, exploring genres like Organic House, Deep House, Melodic House, Progressive, Techno, and Indie.

My journey began 11 years ago in electronic music. I grew up in the artistic environment, involved in dance and music since childhood. I also love arts and painting in general. I remember being at Blue Marlin Ibiza in Dubai when I heard Ninetoes playing, I will never forget that moment! I shouted loudly that day: "I'm going to be a DJ and play in his place." Since then, I haven't stopped :)

What does electronic music represent to you?

Electronic music for me is more than just a story or dance; it's a soul connection that my body expresses. Through music, I speak to the deepest parts of the universe. Each frequency is a musical note that reaches the cells and transforms into emotions.

What is your biggest goal in the electronic music scene?

Meu maior objetivo na cena eletrônica é criar experiências musicais inovadoras e envolventes que conectem as pessoas e deixem uma marca duradoura. Espero alcançar reconhecimento como uma artista versátil e criativa, capaz de influenciar e inspirar tanto o público quanto outros músicos. Além disso, busco colaborar com talentos diversos, explorar novas tecnologias e sonoridades, e contribuir para a evolução da música eletrônica de maneira significativa.

Tell us about upcoming dates, releases, or any music/project you want to highlight:

I'm working on a collaborative project with some amazing artists from the electronic music scene in Germany, Dubai, Brazil, and Asia. This project promises to bring a fusion of styles and create something truly unique.

Also, I'll be performing in Dubai at the RETURN party on the 15th with the Techno Mega Yatch Party concept before my trip to Germany.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Leave a message here for the readers of DJ Music Mag:

Hello dear readers of DJ Music Mag!

I'm very happy to share a bit of my journey in electronic music with you all. The electronic music scene is a vibrant and ever-evolving space, and it's a privilege to be part of it. I want to encourage all of you to keep exploring new sounds, supporting emerging artists, and, above all, letting music be a force of unity and inspiration in your lives. Let's continue to create unforgettable moments on the dance floor together!

Sending hugs to everyone, and see you soon!

Darly Ferreira

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DJ Camila Correa

(DJ of House/Tech House - São Paulo-SP)

My name is Camila da Silva Correa, also known artistically as DJ Camila Correa. I am 34 years old and originally from São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro. Currently, I live in São Paulo, where I dedicate myself to the electronic music scene, alongside my work as a commercial sales consultant. However, my biggest dream is to fully live a day of music.

From an early age, I was drawn to the musical universe, and over the years, I developed a particular passion for House Music and Tech House. Vibrant sounds, danceable and engaging beats always caught my attention, also delving into the Techno universe, blending its variations into House music.

My professional journey in the electronic scene began in 2021. Music has always moved me since childhood; I always had a feeling of wanting to be an artist, I was crazy about instruments, took dance classes, played guitar at church, started composing songs. I drifted away from the dream because I started working very early. Years went by, and then I started attending electronic music parties in 2017, and I haven't stopped since. One day I had a vision, like a feeling of having found my purpose in life, a thought came to mind, you will be a DJ, I imagined myself on stage, it was very crazy. And I decided to pursue this dream. But I didn't know where to start; I started saving money to take the course, but then the pandemic hit. And by irony of fate, I started dating a DJ, whom I am still dating, I told him about this dream, and I started learning, he taught me everything I know, then I took an advanced mixing course, and since then, I have been working as a DJ, professionalizing myself. Currently, I study music production and piano.

What does electronic music represent to you?

Electronic music to me is much more than a music genre; it's a form of expression, a culture, and an endless source of energy and inspiration. As a DJ, I see electronic music as a powerful tool that allows me to connect with people on a deep and visceral level. Through beats, melodies, and synthesizers, I can convey emotions, create unique atmospheres, and take the audience on a sonic journey.

Electronic music has also saved me in many ways. It has provided me with an outlet, a way to cope with life's challenges, and find joy in difficult times. The passion for creating and mixing music gives me purpose and keeps me motivated to continue exploring and innovating.

In summary, electronic music is an essential part of who I am and what I do. It's my passion, my career, and my way of touching the hearts of people around me.

What is your biggest goal in the electronic music scene?

My biggest goal in the electronic music scene is to turn my passion for music into a successful career as a DJ. I want to live off music, explore different sonic universes, and create unique experiences for my audience. I hope to gain recognition for my creativity and ability to mix and produce music that deeply resonates with people. I aspire to inspire others with my dedication and love for music, while continuing to grow and evolve as an artist. My vision is to leave a legacy in the electronic music scene, contributing to its evolution and cultural impact.

Tell us about upcoming dates, releases, or any music/project you want to highlight:

I'm very excited about everything that's coming up! Besides the YouTube channel project, which is about to be launched, I'm focused on growing my Instagram profile through video content. Soon, I'll be sharing exciting news about a new label we're launching in São Paulo. It's a project that I'm super excited about, and I can't wait to share more details.

To keep up with all the updates, new dates, releases, and much more, follow my Instagram. I'll be posting all the information there, so don't miss out!

Leave a message here for the readers of DJ Music Mag:

Hello, readers of DJ Music Mag!

It's an immense pleasure to speak with you through this message. I want to share with you the excitement and energy of the Elas, Delas project, an incredible initiative made by women from the global electronic music scene. This project is a celebration of the strength, talent, and diversity that women bring to the electronic music scene.

Electronic music is a space of innovation, creativity, and connection, and it's wonderful to see women from all parts of the world coming together to create, collaborate, and inspire. We hope that this project not only showcases our work but also encourages more women to follow their passions in music and production.

Stay tuned for updates from Elas, Delas, and continue to support and celebrate electronic music in all its forms. Together, we can make a difference and make the music scene even more vibrant and inclusive. Thank you very much, Janis Freire, for inviting me to participate in this incredible project. And who knows, maybe a party with an all-female lineup, right?

With much love,

Camila Correa

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(DJ/Producer - São Paulo-SP)

Hi, this is Monique Rocha, and my stage name is MONIC, like SONIC (hahaha I'm a fan of the game).

I'm 33 years old, from Fortaleza, Ceará, a Capricorn born on December 25th.

I've been living in São Paulo for 10 years. I'm the creator of Music Is My Bff, and I've been a DJ for 12 years and a music producer for 7 years (counting from my first release).

Today, I'm a resident at Abstratto Club in São Paulo and TechnoRoom in Ribeirão Preto (SP).

I loooooove producing various musical genres. I do curation, soundtracks, and audio-related jobs, so send me your gigs! lol

I had the “Projeto Duo” in partnership with Manu Dantas in Fortaleza (CE). We played at many festivals like HappyHolli, PlayGround, Soulvion Festival. We ended the project, and I started my solo career as “MONIC.”

My trip to Egypt definitely marked me a lot! I've also played in Colombia and Russia.

A support that stood out to me was from Sama’ Abdulhadi, an artist I'm a big fan of, who is among the featured releases in Peak Time / Driving on Beatport.

I've made several soundtracks, I have an album of mantras and ambient music, and I love new adventures!

What does electronic music represent to you?

I believe in the healing power that music transmits. To me, it's life pulsating through beats. I love and am very grateful for all the connection I can have with you. Thank you so much, everyone, for following me through these 12 years of my musical journey!

What is your biggest goal in the electronic music scene?

Great question! This year, I will be releasing my second album. I have more than 50 songs released, and I am currently studying more and giving music production lessons. In response to your question, I want to join a good agency here in Brazil this year and have a team working with me.

I have some projects in progress and I want to bring MMBFF to Fortaleza, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and more. Stay tuned!

Tell us about upcoming dates, releases, or any music/project you want to highlight:

I am in the creative process of my second album, studying copyright laws, AI, and hoping that my studio will be ready this year! I have an EP featuring several Brazilian artists in the project, a very special remix, and more. I can't give more details yet.

Leave a message here for the readers of DJ Music Mag:

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So that's it, my dear readers, follow the artists, support their work, and keep up with our project!

Is there someone you'd like to see featured here and learn their story? Contact us via direct message on the @djmusicmag Instagram, and we'll be happy to reach out.

This is a completely free project, no strings attached, made with a lot of love, giving space and visibility to women who need to promote their work in electronic music and want to reach new audiences and new horizons.

See you next time, hugs, Janis.


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