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What is DJ?

A disc jockey (DJ), disc jockey or disc jockey, is a professional artist who selects and reproduces the most different compositions, previously recorded or produced on the spot for a specific target audience, working on their content and diversifying their work in frequency modulated broadcasting. (FM), dance floors of balls, clubs, nightclubs and dance clubs.


What is a Music Producer?

In the music industry, a music producer, record producer or executive producer is the term that designates a person responsible for completing a recording and/or sound reproduction so that it is ready for release. It is also this person who controls the recording sessions, rehearses and guides the musicians and singers and supervises the audio mixing and mastering process. Music producers are also considered to be those who produce original instrumentals (not necessarily remix)


What is an Artist/Performer?

An artist is, in general, a person involved in the production of art, in the making of creative art.

However, this definition has varied immensely over the centuries and across different cultures, 

and its concept is directly linked to the concept of art, equally controversial and variable. 

Scientific research has consistently failed to frame what is meant by an artist within fixed parameters of universal value,

but that doesn't stop the attempts from continuing to multiply; 

A DJ, Music Producer, Vocalist, Dancer, can be considered artists from different areas.

who can present a Performance (art) - dancing, singing, live(DJ/Music Producer)


And we at Liga DJ have the mission to offer you the ease of finding everything you need for your presentation, event, studio in one place!

So you don't spend hours of your time looking for what you need, but invest your time in your talent and enjoying quality products and incredible news that you can add to your show/presentation/performance to be the differential in your area!

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