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Exploring Beats:

The Arduous Journey of the DJ in the Brazilian Electronic Scene

In the frenetic pulse of electronic beats, DJs emerge as heralds of nightlife culture, weaving sonic webs that transcend borders and connect souls on the dance floor. However, in the Brazilian context, this journey is marked by challenges that echo beyond the speakers, unveiling the complexities of a nation still in the process of assimilating electronic music culture.

Turin - Italia

A Illuminated Stage, Many Shadows

For aspiring DJs, the path of electronic music often resembles a marathon on unstable ground. Lack of recognition, scarcity of spaces dedicated to the electronic scene, and absence of effective cultural policies cast shadows over this challenging career. While in other countries electronic music reaches levels of cultural celebration, in Brazil, it still faces stigmas and resistances, relegated to a background in the vastness of our musical diversity.

Beats in Resistance: The Fabric of Electronic Culture

Foto - Bruno Mendoza, Jeef Fidelis - RJ

However, delving into the depths of electronic culture is to understand its undeniable importance. At the heart of this journey, we find the Tech House genre, a branch that blends elements of house and techno, born in the dark basements of European clubs and gradually finding fertile ground on Brazilian dance floors.

Origins and Evolution: The History of Tech House

To understand the impact of Tech House, it is essential to trace back to its roots. Emerging in the early 90s, in the hands of visionaries like Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, and Erick Morillo, the genre took its own flight, embracing the fusion of pulsating rhythms, striking beats, and captivating melodies. In Brazil, its arrival was discreet, but its rise was marked by the resilience of local DJs, who embraced its sound and made it an inseparable part of the national sonic landscape.

Conclusion: Harmonizing Rhythms and Resistances

Electronic music, and particularly Tech House, is not just a beat. It is a narrative of resistance, a symphony of overcoming that resonates in the hearts and minds of those who dare to challenge established norms. While Brazil faces its own cultural struggles, electronic music DJs persist, building sonic bridges that transcend borders and unite souls in dance. In this intricate web of beats and resistances, the journey of the DJ in the Brazilian electronic scene is a living testimony to the relentless pursuit of expression and connection, challenging the barriers of time and space, one beat at a time.

Autor: Bruno Mendoza ( Dj e Produtor Musical )


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