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The critically acclaimed producer Cristoph returns to DFTD with ‘Time’

The release of "Time" by Cristoph and featuring Awen was a highly anticipated event in the electronic dance music world. Fans of both artists had been eagerly waiting for new music, and "Time" did not disappoint.

The track is a beautiful and emotive journey through the concept of time, featuring mesmerizing synths, a driving beat, and Awen's haunting vocals. The lyrics of the song capture the fleeting nature of time and encourage listeners to embrace the present moment and create meaningful memories.

"Time" quickly became a fan favorite, receiving widespread praise from critics and music

enthusiasts alike. It has been praised for its ability to transport listeners to a different world, where time seems to stand still, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the music.

The release of "Time" solidified Cristoph and Awen as two of the most exciting and innovative artists in the electronic music scene today. Their collaboration on this track was a testament to their creativity and dedication to producing music that moves people on a deep emotional level.

Overall, "Time" is a stunning and powerful track that will continue to captivate and inspire listeners for years to come. Its release marked a significant moment in the careers of both Cristoph and Awen, and it is sure to remain a beloved favorite among fans of electronic dance music.

Source collaborator @marcelinhowikky


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