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SuperMatrix Records: A New Era in Electronic Music

SuperMatrix Records, a renowned electronic music label, is back with a release that promises to revolutionize the global tech house scene. Under the leadership of international DJs and producers Bruno Mendoza and Tyler Coey, SuperMatrix Records reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sound quality.

Since its founding in 2005, SuperMatrix Records has been a beacon for emerging talents and a pillar in the electronic music industry. With an innovative approach and high-quality productions, the label has shaped the future of electronic music, standing out as a major player in the sector.

The new album, "Matrix Grooves: A Tech House Journey," is an impressive collection of 10 meticulously crafted tech house tracks. Each track is a testament to SuperMatrix's commitment to excellence, creating immersive soundscapes and infectious rhythms that capture the essence of tech house.

Playlist "Matrix Grooves"

  1. Enamorando (Original Mix)

  • Artista: Bruno Mendoza

  • Instagram: @brunomendozadj

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 126

  • Chave: Gb Major

  1. Done (Original Mix)

  • Artista: Tyler Coey

  • Instagram: @tylercoeymusic

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 127

  • Chave: C Major

  1. Hot Track (Original Mix)

  • Artista: Léo Franco

  • Instagram: @leofrancomusic

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 130

  • Chave: Ab Major

  1. Jack (Original Mix)

  • Artista: Gabriel Amaral

  • Instagram: @gabrielamaralmusic

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 125

  • Chave: F Major

  1. Verse (Original Mix)

  • Artista: Ariel Santtos

  • Instagram: @arielsanttosmusic

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 128

  • Chave: C Major

  1. Destiny (Original Mix)

  • Artista: J.MARQZ

  • Instagram: @jmarqzmusic

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 128

  • Chave: A Minor

  1. The Happy Face (LowCree Remix)

  1. Feeling (Original Mix)

  • Artista: Härken

  • Instagram: @harkenmusic

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 125

  • Chave: Eb Minor

  1. Forget Me (Original Mix)

  • Artista: H PALE

  • Instagram: @hpale_music

  • Gênero: Tech House

  • BPM: 125

  • Chave: E Minor

  1. Dirty Money (Original Mix)

  1. Artista: Stephan Barbieri

  2. Instagram: @stephanbarbierimusic

  3. Gênero: Tech House

  4. BPM: 125

  5. Chave: Eb Minor

The Importance of SuperMatrix Records

SuperMatrix Records is not just a label; it is a movement that promotes the evolution of electronic music. Every artist under its banner is carefully selected to ensure that each release meets the label's high standards. Collaboration and mutual support among artists are the essence of SuperMatrix's success.


"Matrix Grooves" is not just an album; it is a sonic journey that represents the forefront of tech house. SuperMatrix Records continues to be a fundamental pillar in the electronic scene, promoting talents and providing a platform for DJs and producers to shine.

To check out all the tracks and latest updates, follow the artists on Instagram and stay tuned to the official SuperMatrix Records channel.


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