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Mascha Announces New Album "Breathe" - A Unique Ambient Electronic Journey

Camden Records is thrilled to announce the release of "Breathe", the latest album by the innovative German artist, Mascha. This album presents a unique blend of ambient electronic music inspired by Mascha’s profound experience with breath work. "Breathe" offers listeners an immersive and transformative auditory journey.

Mascha, renowned for her expertise as both a breath worker and musician, uses her deep understanding of the breath's impact on consciousness and emotion to craft each track on "Breathe". The album is not just music; it serves as a guide towards deep relaxation, introspection, and renewal, reflecting the healing and meditative qualities of breath work. 

Mixed and mastered at Camden Records in London, "Breathe" exemplifies the high-quality sound that fans expect from the studio. The album is now available for streaming and purchase on all major digital music platforms.


Artist Bio

Mascha is a German electronic music artist celebrated for her wide-ranging and genre-defying compositions. Her musical journey began with her debut album "Shine" in 2021, which captured attention for its innovative sound and emotional depth. She continued to build on her success with two additional albums, "feel loved" and "kundalinimylove", released in 2023, each further cementing her reputation for crafting deeply expressive and unique electronic music. 

Now, as she gears up for the release of "Breathe", Mascha remains a compelling figure in the electronic music landscape, dedicated to evolving her sound with each new project.


"This is a transformative album that takes the listener on a journey of relaxation and introspection," says Rafa Bustamante, Founder & CEO - Camden Records.

"I really love the way Mascha integrates breath work with electronic music; it's truly unique," adds Mario Garcia, Managing Director - Camden Records.

Mascha herself states, "With 'Breathe', I wanted to create an auditory experience that mirrors the calming and healing effects of breath work, providing listeners with a sense of peace and renewal."


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