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Interview with DJ Nicola Baldacci

His sound was defined as: "A fine mix of Tech House with subtle percussions and an irreparable groove"

"It was through its release, "BRAIN" by Federico Scavo Records area 94 that Nicola Baldacci excelled in electronic music. But the real success came soon after with the remix of the same track, made by Federico Scavo getting a considerable return on top of all people like house music."

"Backed by Mark Knight and played by everyone, Nicola has already reached the top of the leaderin beatport. The track "That's Right" received support from Umek and the growing demand for Nicola Baldacci's skills made him perform in many countries around the world, including the Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru and, of course, Italy."

1- Tell me more about yourself as an artist

I am an Italian dj producer techouse ... I started the first productions back in 2012 ... to date I work with labels of the caliber of NERVOUS RECORDS - KLAPHOUSE RECORDS - HAPPY TECHNO and others .... speaking of live set I started my apprenticeship in the premises of the province ETOILE54 - LA VILLA DISCOTECA to date I think I am an international DJ in my little hehehe I have touched destinations such as CANCUN - LOS CABOS - MADRID - CZECH REPUBLIC and other destinations

2- When did you first become interested in electronic music, being a DJ and becoming a music producer, respectively?

Let's talk about 2014 the first production ... I created my first production "Work It Out"

the first tracks were all experiments to learn the program and understand the mechanisms

3- As a Music Producer, you have already scored great hits, how was your learning journey in music production?

track after track you understand if it can work or not .... the first successful "brain" on federico scavo's label

it was nice to share the study with him and express your musical thoughts confronting on low sounds ...

4- What was your first big hit? How did it feel?

The first success BRAIN was supported by mark knight for the first time at the opening of the space ibiza...

it was supported by prok and fitch on beatport and many others ... from there I did my first tour in czech republic.

5- About your international career, what is your strategy to stay relevant in the midst of the world electronic scene?

You have to know how to approach the insiders .... invest in yourself and always be constant on the promotion.... track.... and radio....

6- What were the most memorable moments of your career?

Play my music around the world mexico - los cabos - madrid - czech republic - and other places ...

you see that from your room you have reached the top .... this is the thanks for all the efforts a ' artist.

7- What are you projects or participations more relevants untill the moment?

I'm working with various record labels i always have tracks coming out ...

I'm organizing the new tour very likely in argentina ...

and many other things that i can't spoil .... follow me.

8- How do you feel about being an inspiration to many DJs and Music Producers around the world?

It means that you are doing well and that the work done works ....

It is always rewarding and gives you the push for new things ....

9- What were the biggest inspirations for you at the beginning of your career?

First of all to understand the musical genre ... where do you want to start

... I was based a lot on alex kenji - manuel de la mare .... for me they were a source of inspiration for their tracks and the many evenings around the world.

10- How was the process of creating your biggest hit at the moment, Funkarama?

I created "funkarama" in the studio as soon as I finished it I thought it could be a track for the CUBE GUYS label. Roberto and Luca are friends and true professionals as artists ... I immediately sent the promo and we discussed the changes to be made .... so FUNKARAMA was born.

11- What are your next big releases?

The next release will be in October ADE COMPILATION on Klaphouse Records

and then again an EP on KLAPHOUSE which includes the Groovebox remix.

12- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

This is a good question .... after all the problems there are in the world i don't know what to answer you .... surely i will be producing techouse music hehehe

13- Leave here a message to the readers and fans from DJ Music Mag:

Thanks for the support and for the time spent .... a special greeting and a hug from Italy NICOLA BALDACCI


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