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Hit Clubbin' Reaches Its 1000th Episode

The multi-station program Hit Clubbin', presented and directed by one of the country's most respected radio DJs, Frisco Taibo, celebrates three decades in musical radio in 2024 and reaches its 1000th episode this weekend.

From Thursday to Sunday, more than 200 radio stations, spread across about twenty countries, will broadcast the program. Hit Clubbin' began its journey in 2005 and has gradually grown to become one of the most important radio shows, not only in terms of FM and online listeners but also with its podcasts, which are highly popular each week.

Hit Clubbin' has been nominated several times as the best national radio show by specialized magazines, and in the last three years, it has been a candidate for the national radio awards, the Ondas.

For more information, visit Hit Clubbin or follow us on Twitter: @hitclubbin.


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