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This is Halley Seidel's first release on ''Audio Fabric Records''.

A Party label and label from Holland, which he had the pleasure of performing for last month, along with his manager, the DJ and producer Marz, in which he is participating in the same with his remix, and also the producer Lypovsky.

This EP is yet another album that brings a Techno by (NL) vibe to our followers.

The original track was remixed by producers from Holland, Brazil and Germany.

Astral Trip is a sound journey of various styles and situations in four times and thoughts.

So stop, think and dance with the sound vibrations of this trip that will take you to several dance floors, in short, Astral travel sounds!


ASTRAL TRIP EP 01 - Halley Seidel - Astral trip (Void Original Mix)

02 - Halley Seidel - Astral trip (DJMarz Dirty 303 Remix)

03 - Halley Seidel - Astral Trip (Lypovsky Remix)

Get it soon on Spotify

Visit the link for more information:


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