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Meet the team

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Founder and CEO

Halley Seidel 

Carioca DJ and music producer with international references from Emusic.

 Founder of Dj Music magazine, currently Dj Music


 Halley Seidel and Bruno Mendoza head up the DJ Music Mag project. Currently resides in Lisbon Portugal.

"The artist's value comes with persistence and constancy."

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Spanish, founder and CEO of the SELECTA MUSIC Records label, the DJ e  music producer, who is situated among the best djs  and producers of the international Tech House is who directs and together with Bruno Mendoza and Halley Seidel, coordinates the content  musical. International.

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Angelica DC, our top 93 DJ in Brazil listed in another magazine. DJ producer and curator of

labels  Official Desande, SuperMatrix Buzios ,

Dj Music Mag, Universal Create  Music.

Her musical experience  has already taken the DJ to

achievements in the world tops.

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BA Lion

Creator and resident of the Electronic Beats project. 
He had contact with the electronic scene in São Paulo in the 90s, played in several clubs in SP and alongside some international DJs such as: Holgistar, Cold Rob Uk, Pornbugs, among others.
His set always comes with variations from House to Techno, perfect mixes and refined technique. 
He currently works at DJ Music Mag.

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Bia Bailey

Carioca da gem, DJ since 2014,  in the Electronic Music scene for almost 20 years.

-"I tried the tracks for the first time in Detroit, MI in the USA where I lived for 2 years. "

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Marcelinho Wikky

Carioca Dj, editor, sound designer and designer began his career in the mid-80s, passing through several nightclubs throughout Rio de Janeiro and radio stations where he launched several artists such as:
Dj Tragic, Mon a Q, Magic Affair, Projeto Cuti Mix, among others.
In 2003 he participated in Rio Parade, alongside names such as: AJ  Crypt, Dr. Motte, Marky, Halley Seidel, Marcelo CiC, Leo Jan, Patife, Cuti Dias.
With more than 30 years in the market, having as its trademark in its presentations the versatility and unique performance, which unite several aspects to its house music sound.

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Administrative Partner and CEO 

Bruno Mendoza

Hispano Brasileiro, DJ  with Spanish origin, is the founder of SuperMatrix Búzios and Desande Oficial, carries international projects such as:

Black And White Festival Word Cup 2014 ,

Clan Club Brasil, among others. He is the new partner of djmusicmag.

He currently leads the project with Halley Seidel and the new team Dj Music Mag.

-"For every no we take, the more we will make the yes happen!"

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Mexican, founder of Prosoul records, DJ and music producer, is part of our international team.

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Marketing manager

Janis Freire

Marketing manager, writer for DJ Music Mag, creator of the LigaDJ project.

The leader of our marketing is a great entrepreneur, leads  companies such as the marketing of Desande Oficial, SuperMatrix Búzios, Mon Petit Boutique ,  the networks of artists Bruno Mendoza and our DJ Music Mag.

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black angel

BLACK ANGEL- (/Psy Trance /Fullon)



Electronic music lover BLACK ANGEL- (/Psy Trance and Fullon)


Nathalia Ribeiro, a lover of electronic music since childhood, went to her first rave in 2014, where she created an inexplicable love for Trance! His first performance was at Bali Lounge RJ where he started playing Progressive Trance and Psy Trance. In 2016 he decided to learn music production and moved on to a more underground line of Psy Trance and FullOn, as he felt a deeper connection. Wherever he went, he conquered everyone with his charisma, humility and a captivating sound full of elements, mantras and psychedelia. One of his inspirations are Ekanta, GMS, Astrix, Altruims, Rising Dust, among others. She already shared LINE with Djane Moon, Juan Verdera, No Comment... With a lot of passion for what she does, Nathalia started studying music production, to evolve her connection with music and promises new releases with an organic sound and full of elements psychedelics. Black Angel will blow up the dancefloor with its tracks, in order to transmit all its energy and a great trip for psychedelia lovers!

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Rafael Setta

Rafael Setta has more than two decades of experience, and transits through conceptual and avant-garde sounds.

Accumulates presentations at events such as Rio Music Conference, Chemical Music Festival, Rio E-music Festival, Euphoria and Inox Festival, official launch of Rio Street Parade 2011 at MAM, Groove Sessions Underground Edition party with the great Kammy AKA Lady Machine, Bloco AME , Despretenx, Pista Rio Me at Club Boiler, where he performed alongside icons of the Brazilian scene, such as Morttagua, Anderson Noise, Leo Janeiro, among others.

Also in 2011, he was nominated for the revelation DJ of the carioca scene by 2 major specialized vehicles, having been awarded by Dj Sound Mag in 2012 and by the exhibition Geração Eletrônica in 2011.

His sets range from Afro House to Techno with mastery and enviable musical curation.

As a Producer, he intends to release his second EP this year, in a long partnership with his friend Halley Seidel.

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Director of Journalism and Content at DJ Music Mag

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