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Today Release Like An Animal

Martín Weber, a producer and DJ from Gran Canaria (Spain), stands out for his tech house music with touches of techno and an excellent selection of sounds and vocals. He seeks to create different experiences in each of his tracks to always surprise you.

Recently, Martín released a new album with SuperMatrix Records, a label of great prestige and importance in the electronic music scene. The album contains two impressive tracks: "Like An Animal" and "Red." SuperMatrix Records is known for its influence and ability to discover and promote emerging talents in the world of tech house and other electronic genres. This release represents a significant step in Martín's career, consolidating his presence and creativity in the music scene.

Track ID - Like An Animal

exclusive @beatport link in bio @supermatrixrecords


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Oficial release 24/05

Release : Like An Animal

- Today

Oficial release 24/05

Release : Like An Animal


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