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The420sessions 4200000003 @boderekgaona

Boderek Gaona is an emerging promise as a DJ and vocalist, and his participation in The420sessions demonstrates that. With an impressive journey through the subgenres of indie dance, such as aciddance, dark disco, and acidpunk, Boderek offers a unique dance experience. His ability to merge sounds takes you on a journey of deep acid climbs, creating a surge of energy that you won't be able to resist.

The420sessions 420000000004 @Jonathanrich_

The420sessions is born in the vibrant indie capital of Bogotá, Colombia, as a revolutionary project for the electronic scene. Its creator, Jonathan Rich, who is also a DJ and producer, has been a visionary in the industry. Oriented towards dark club music, indie dance, techno, and house, Rich has understood the importance of innovation and unity in the Colombian electronic scene.

After a long journey and having organized some local parties with artists like Cami Vasquez, Rich decides to renew the project, giving it a visually impressive focus inspired by the Boiler style. This new phase of The420sessions not only represents an aesthetic change but also a renewed commitment to artistic excellence and the exploration of new sounds. At a time when Colombia's electronic scene seeks to reinvent itself and rise to new heights, projects like The420sessions are crucial to inspire others to join and collaborate in the pursuit of musical excellence.


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