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We talked with Bruno Mendoza and Jeff Fidelle, two DJs of the same genre and from different regions of Brazil.

Tech House put them together and DJ Music Mag asked:

Dj Music Mag: Hello Jeff Fidelle and Bruno Mendoza, tell our readers a little about yourself; When did your musical history begin?

I'm 27 years old and I've been in music for 11 years as an electronics DJ only, my career started as a joke at the age of 17 I started it with a friend and together we formed a project that didn't go forward, from there to here, in 2020 I was away and the dream was erased inside me. Until influenced by friends, I decided to formalize and launch my solo project.

I'm 30 years old and I've been in electronic music since I was 15, as a music producer for 10 years, I started out of interest in music since I was little;

My mother was a dance teacher, when she taught, she used to edit the K7 tapes for the classes, sometimes she asked me to edit the cuts of the songs and play them in the classes, that's when my interest in music was born.

I really liked to see the students going to the rhythm of the music, at that time I already knew what I wanted to be but I still didn't know what the role of the DJ was.

So at a time when I was 12 years old, my parents took me to a Tech House and techno club in Valencia Spain, the city where I lived, I saw a DJ playing for the first time and I already knew what I wanted to be, the musical influence started there .

Dj Music Mag: Then two great artists were born, your career took a new direction, what would it be?

Bruno Mendoza: For me it was undoubtedly the explosion of EDM, I started as a DJ in 2012 playing on radio stations and local parties in Valencia, but the great milestone of my career was Fallas in 2013, at the biggest party in Valencia, Spain.

I was invited to play for the first time to a large audience, the FALLA Dr Olóriz de Marxalenes.

The neighborhood where I lived invited me to play on their last night, that day I was sure I already knew what I wanted, and then a musical identity of mine was born that prevails until today, the influence of the city in being Underground and at the same time very latina.

To please both audiences I tried to do something new, today it is my musical characteristic, with the evolution of EDM, today we have Hispanic Latin tech house.

2020 was a great start for me, more dedicated and a little more mature, needing a few km's covered, I launched myself into the market with a sound that was not yet heard by the people around me, I had a lot of difficulties to launch myself into the middle of events where people only liked the commercial, even at that time, I knew that my sound style would gain strength in RJ and Brazil (perhaps my greatest talent is seeing sound quality).

DJ Music Mag: Your market vision had a strong change, with it came some influences and new goals, tell us a little more about your musical vision:

My vision of the market and evolution was already coming naturally at the festivals I played, the events already had this need to mix the underground with commercial vocals, the desire was natural, I always tried to please the public and myself in terms of music. EDM has always been my strong card, but at the same time, having grown up in an underground region, that taste in my vein was already natural, when EDM began to decline in Brazil, my sound had already migrated automatically to the most modern tech house.

Influenced by Fisher, Chris Lake, Biscits, Martin Ink, but my biggest inspiration was David Guetta the ability to be in all musical fields, I always saw him as a great DJ and music producer, I always tried to follow the same steps limiting it to a single rhythm or musical style, in the end music is a universal language if you limit yourself to a single genre you are not part of that musical language, I always try in my productions to have my EDM characteristics, Latin vocals or rhythms that show my culture and musical taste.

So, my first contact after years came from the biggest electronic music party in Nova Iguaçu-RJ, and yes, my sound really pleased and displeased the minority. Since then I never stopped, it went from there up, the contacts only grew and so did I. With each deck, each event I reached my goal of having my precious km's run and day after day my feeling became even more accurate. Under the strong influence of Carl Cox, Fisher, Oliver heldens, Biscits, Cloonee, Michael bibi, Chapter & Verse, among others, it is impossible to deny that my musical style at the time and my greatest love today is tech house, and I am proud of see this gigantic strand in Rio and in the World. Today our Brazilian artists export with excellent quality to the gringa, this is something good to see. The boys from Desande and low bass from Goiânia, such as Visage, Victor low, Douth, Illusionize, blew up Brazil with their heavy sound full of elements and a lot of quality. Today the boys from Brazil have taken the world by storm with their tracks. Bewav, Beltran and Brisotti are examples of this. Carioca, São Paulo, whatever, they made what I always said to friends and DJs close to me at the time happen: "Tech house is going to dominate the world".

DJ Music Mag: About the music, did you talk to us about tech house, are you producing, do you have references about production, do you intend to launch yourself as music producers?

Yes I've been a producer for 10 years, and I'm still releasing, I recently conquered number 1 on Traxsource with a track we made for a friend, among achievements as a music producer, my greatest achievement is being able to collaborate with producers that I'm a fan of and working with artists from all over the world. Today my vision as a producer is music, as I mentioned I am not attached to a musical style, as a producer, but as a DJ my performances are the aspects of house music, Tech House, Techno and Classic house, in the scope of production I am very open and broad to musical styles, what I like to do most is tech house, but I'm not limited to it.

Trap fascinates me a lot and techno, in these genres we continue to produce and expand our release catalogue, I am also very open to music today, I have my own music label Desande Oficial, focused on tech house and bass house. My other label is SuperMatrix Búzios, we work with a more commercial line open to commercial musical genres, an important role for DJs and producers who need the musical space to be heard.

What I foresee for my future is to evolve as a music producer, although I don't have as many skills as a major producer, I have some projects ready and pre-ready just needing mastering, and yes, I feel that I have the talent for that. I know I can do it, I need to be part of that statistic within the tech house scene. There have been several events so far, of all sizes and dimensions.

I didn't miss out on any of them, the feedback was wonderful, events like Rolê festival, Psycologic, DeepFest, Praia Club among others. These besieged events are a showcase in RJ, carrying crowds and an extremely demanding crowd from the commercial sound crowd to the roots. The slightest criticism came and for my evolution as a DJ it was wonderful, just gratitude so far, maybe that's why today I don't have a specific label within the current scenario, without prejudice to other aspects, of course. I listen to everything from techno, house to bass house. Those who have already witnessed my presentations have seen that even with my heart beating for tech house I walk through the slopes, thus bringing a very different experience to the public, in this part I have Vintage Culture and Gordo (Carnage) as idols and strong inspirations.

DJ Music Mag: Ending our conversation, what do you have to say to our magazine's producers and DJs about musical baggage and inspiration?

Luggage for me will always be an open thing no matter how much we travel we play it always stays open the greatest learning is knowledge, what I do recommend is always a lot of study and dedication. Anyone can get where they set out, it just depends on their dedication and effort. My greatest advice I heard from a great artist, he once told me: "A good musician listens, listens to the environment where he is, listens to the music, listens to everything, in the end we have music in everything", what talks more than listens is going the opposite way, I really believe that as a music producer spends most of his time listening, studying, reading and using reference tracks from great artists.

What I have as luggage and my own experience is that we should never give up on our dreams, my dream has barely started, I'm still in the process, but I have experience to say that it's not easy and it never will be. If in childhood, when I only dreamed in my room and today I've already played in several clubs and nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, believe me. Life is a video game, only you decide when the game ends!

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