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Sunday Use Tech House

Night - Bruno Mendoza

Of Hispanic-Brazilian descent and born in Valencia, this talented artist now calls the vibrant city of Cuiabá, in the heart of Brazil, home. His musical journey has taken him to explore various settings, from the vibrant clubs of Ibiza to the charms of Rio de Janeiro, through the electrifying atmosphere of France and the captivating rhythms of Colombia.

Standing out on the global stage, he has achieved a prominent place in the Beatport Top 100 with the captivating track "My Fly," which was part of the prestigious A.D.E. official album in 2020. In 2021, his journey of success continued as he reached the top spot on the Traxsource portal with the immersive track "El Recuerdo," in addition to once again appearing in the Beatport Top 100 with the acclaimed "My Fly."

His work is distinguished by his ability to merge captivating vocals and memorable harmonies, gaining recognition among the big names in the music scene. With a versatile sound that traverses EDM, Tech House, and Progressive Melodic styles, his productions find their place on renowned labels such as Relyt Records, Profund, 1980 Recordings, Alveda Deep, Ushuaia Music, Tokabeatz, among others, solidifying his status as one of the most promising DJs in electronic music.

SuperMatrix Records surgiu da visão de @BrunoMendoza, trazendo consigo uma seleção de talentosos DJs, incluindo nomes como Tyler Coey, Nicola Baldacci, Di Martino, Andrew Besada e Tom Keller, entre outros que contribuem para sua diversidade musical.

Atuando como promotor, gravadora e plataforma para DJs, a SuperMatrixGroup se destaca ao lado do DJ Music Mag, apresentando não apenas seu catálogo principal, mas também o selo Desande, especialmente voltado para artistas de Mato Grosso, além do sub-selo que destaca a discografia do Rio e o grupo DJ Music Mag.

Explorando os gêneros do Tech House e House, a SuperMatrix Records no Beatport oferece uma ampla variedade de lançamentos de alta qualidade, proporcionando aos ouvintes uma jornada sonora envolvente e pulsante.

SuperMatrix Records emerged from the vision of @BrunoMendoza, bringing along a roster of talented DJs, including names like Tyler Coey, Nicola Baldacci, Di Martino, Andrew Besada, and Tom Keller, among others who contribute to its musical diversity.

Acting as a promoter, record label, and platform for DJs, SuperMatrixGroup stands out alongside DJ Music Mag, presenting not only its main catalog but also the Desande label, specially aimed at artists from Mato Grosso, as well as the sub-label that highlights Rio's discography and the DJ Music Mag group.

Exploring the genres of Tech House and House, SuperMatrix Records on Beatport offers a wide variety of high-quality releases, providing listeners with an immersive and pulsating sonic journey.


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