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Release: Monthly Charts Edition 5 - Curated by Bruno Mendoza

Release: Monthly Charts Edition 5 - Curated by Bruno Mendoza We are excited to announce the fifth edition of the Monthly Charts, an unmissable selection of the best tracks of the moment, curated by none other than Bruno, one of the most influential names in electronic music today. In this edition, Bruno brings a set of tracks that promise to ignite the club dance floors and showcase the best talent from his label, SuperMatrix Records.

**Release: Monthly Charts Edição 5 - Curadoria de SuperMatrix Records**

Top 5 Tracks from Monthly Charts Edition 5

1. Flow – Bruno Mendoza & Alex Rojas

The Brazil-Colombia fusion has never sounded so good! "Flow" is a vibrant track that combines the distinct styles of Bruno Mendoza and Alex Rojas, resulting in a track full of energy and contagious rhythm.

2. Like An Animal – Martin Weber

This track stands out with its striking percussion and unique bass, creating an irresistible atmosphere for the dance floors. Martin Weber, with his undeniable talent, brings a sophisticated and engaging production.

3. Number One – Vitor Scobar

Vitor Scobar, a promising talent from Cuiabá and a sure bet by Bruno Mendoza, presents "Number One," a Tech House track with a unique and captivating harmony. Vitor's talent is unquestionable, and his music promises to win over more fans.

4. For Get Me – H Pale

H Pale, a promising Latin producer, has won over Bruno Mendoza with his unique production style. "For Get Me" is a track that exemplifies his unique ability to create captivating and innovative music, solidifying his place in the electronic scene.

5. Red – Martin Weber Once again, Martin Weber surprises us with "Red." Based in Spain, this promising producer has won over Bruno Mendoza with his unique and innovative style. "Red" is proof of his potential and his ability to create memorable tracks.

### The Importance of Charts and Beatport

The Monthly Charts are not just a selection of songs; they are a showcase for new talents and a barometer of electronic music trends. Curated by experts like Bruno Mendoza, these charts help DJs, producers, and fans discover the best in the current music scene.

Beatport, the world's largest electronic music portal, plays a crucial role in this process. It not only offers the hottest tracks of the moment but also serves as a platform where artists can gain visibility and recognition. For many, appearing in the Beatport Charts is a significant milestone in their careers, helping them reach a global audience and cement their place in the industry.

Don't miss Monthly Charts Edition 5, a true celebration of high-quality electronic music, with the seal of approval from Bruno Mendoza and  SuperMatrix Records. Follow these tracks on Beatport and feel the energy they bring to dance floors around the world.harts e do Beatport

For more information, visit Beatport and discover Bruno Mendoza complete selection.


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