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Event coverage: Techno Parade Paris 2022

The event is in its 24th edition, It was attended by more than 250,000 people.

After being absent from the streets by the pandemic, they returned dragging crowds through the streets of Paris, all in favor of the greater good, celebrating respect, equality and love in all its forms, and we at DJ Music Mag were there to record this event.

Follow our records made in photos and videos:

It was a cloudy day and it started very moody and it seemed as if it were gonna rain specially after the drop fell at early hours. I am sure as of me and everyone anxiously waiting for the event to start off and perhaps with many doubts of this event. After a pandemic it is only right to take a breather and the organisers of the event must of also felt this way. The place was ideal where you can find all kinds of food and drinks to prepare Defert-Rochereau Plaza couldn't have been a better place to choose. At my arrival next to the main exit of the Metro you already had people giving you brochures and info to help you have a good time apart from those whom are sensitive in hearing there were ear protection devices being giving out or sold with the mentioned. My first thought was I have to see the caravans and see which was gonna be my favourite. The sound and appearance was important for me. I found three that were my favourite due to the sound quality and the djs were just pounding some wicked sounds. After a difficult decision i chose to follow one. Then after a bit I decided to follow another to make a long story short the caravans were just great. I was home finally with people that can appreciate techno music like I do and danced. The best part of the parade was there was zero violence and the police were vere kind to the party goers. There was no limit and the costumes were simply hilarious. The caravans leading the parade were also supporting Ukraine issue and there were a lot of demonstrators which made the parade seem even more heart felt. The fact that this was a cultural event and that it proved that just because we listen to Techno doesn't mean that we are unattached from reality felt great. Techno has had its share of critical moments where an opinion or a rapper like Eminem can easily judge. In this case Paris represented big time as would have been done for Love Parade and it was well needed. I personally recommend coming here from every point of the world it is definitely an event not to be missed in one of the most beautiful cities in the European Union.


Jorge DJ.Nece Lara (@djnece)

KPR Recording


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