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Bruno Mendoza Performs on Jovem Pan Radio: Brazil's Number 1

Last Friday, Jovem Pan Radio, recognized as the number 1 in Brazil, provided its listeners with an unmissable show featuring DJ Bruno Mendoza on the "Explosão da Pan" program. Hosted by Jhonifer and directed by Priscila, the program highlighted the importance of promoting and supporting the electronic scene both nationally and internationally.

.The Importance of the "Explosão da Pan" Program

"Explosão da Pan" has established itself as one of the most influential programs on Jovem Pan Radio, offering a valuable platform for DJs and music producers to showcase their creations. Aiming to strengthen the electronic scene, the program promotes mutual support among artists, creating a vibrant and collaborative community.

Bruno Mendoza's Performance

During his set, Bruno Mendoza captivated the audience with a selection of tech house tracks from his own label, SuperMatrix Records, along with his exclusive mashups and remixes. This performance not only showcased Bruno's talent but also highlighted his international projection, reaffirming his prominent place in the global electronic scene.

International Exposure and Opportunities at Jovem Pan

Jovem Pan Radio has been a crucial gateway for national and international DJs, providing them with a platform to reach a wider audience. In an interview with our editorial team, Bruno Mendoza praised the innovative vision of Jhonifer and Priscila, describing them as visionary leaders in the international music industry. Bruno expressed his gratitude for the praise he received from Jhonifer, who noted his performance as one of the most memorable.

Performance Highlights

Among the original tracks played by Bruno were "Dale Clavala," "Big Back," "Paradise," along with remixes of major classics, including a remix of The Beatles. The performance was a true delight for electronic music fans, demonstrating Bruno Mendoza's versatility and talent.


To watch Bruno Mendoza's full performance, visit the official Jovem Pan Radio YouTube channel. Jovem Pan continues to be a cornerstone for electronic music, promoting talents and providing a space for DJs and producers to shine.

Watch the Full Video on Jovem Pan Radio's Official YouTube


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