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5 Problems Every DJ Faces

Every DJ faces struggles throughout their DJ career, and while some are simply rites of passage, others are avoidable with a little guidance. Here’s a list of five problems every DJ faces. Hopefully, it will keep you from getting into a jam or help you get out of one.

1. Terrible requests Every DJ gets interrupted with requests from people that don’t understand what you’re doing. And while most DJs prefer to be left alone, sometimes requests can actually help you read a room. Don’t be afraid to hear them out; if it’s a terrible request, you can always decline.

2. Writer’s block Writer’s block can manifest itself in multiple ways for DJs. Sometimes it means not knowing what song to play, and sometimes it means getting stuck when preparing a routine. Fight through it by taking breaks and allowing your mind to reset. Don’t force creativity. 3. Technical issues Every DJ faces technical issues at one point or another. It can happen while setting up your gear or during a live set. No matter when it occurs, stay calm and collected. Learn the ins and outs of your hardware and software so you can solve any issue that may arise. 4. Getting paid Whether you’re a mobile or club DJ, you may experience a client not paying you for your services. This can be due to a shady promoter or client, so always make sure you’re clear upfront about how your payment is to be issued. Contracts and communication are key to keeping your business tight.

5. Getting burned Getting burned refers to an opening club DJ that plays all the hits before the headliner. If this happens to you, stay calm and get creative. There’s so much music to play, so stay focused and think of other tracks you can drop to keep your crowd happy.


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