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One of my Idols and AI is coming!

Hello again to all of you, what a great pleasure to be able to write to all of you some additional words about of my loved: let me start to present her to all of you.

My name is dangello (dangellodj) and you can find me on social media as dangellodj.

Nicole Moudaber is a Lebanese-Nigerian electronic music artist, DJ, and record label founder. She is renowned for her powerful DJ sets and production style that blends techno, house, and tribal influences. Born in Nigeria and raised in Lebanon, Nicole's diverse cultural background and experiences have shaped her musical journey.

Nicole Moudaber gained recognition in the electronic music scene in the late 2000s. She has performed at renowned clubs and festivals around the world, including headlining sets at iconic venues like Space Ibiza and festivals like Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival. Her DJ sets are characterized by a dark and driving sound, often filled with hypnotic rhythms and intense basslines that captivate the crowd.

As a producer, Nicole has released music on respected labels such as Drumcode, Intec Digital, and her own imprint MOOD Records. Her tracks have garnered support from industry heavyweights and have become staples in the sets of many DJs. Some of her notable productions include "See You Next Tuesday," "Roar," and collaborations with artists like Carl Cox and Adam Beyer.

Beyond her performances and productions, Nicole Moudaber is known for her passion and dedication to the underground electronic music community. She has been actively involved in promoting emerging artists through her radio show "In The MOOD" and her label MOOD Records. Additionally, she is a strong advocate for gender equality in the industry and has been vocal about supporting and empowering women in electronic music.

Nicole Moudaber's talent, artistic vision, and relentless work ethic have earned her a well-deserved place among the prominent figures in the global techno and electronic music scene. Her unique blend of musical influences, combined with her captivating stage presence, has made her a respected and influential figure in the industry.

So this is Nicole!, why do I admire her, firstly because her music style as DJ and also on the way she built up her career. Nicole just like me, plays music a different DJ style that all you may not know. She utilizes a variety of equipment and techniques to create her performances, she incorporates effects and live remixing into her performances to add unique textures and layers to the music.

She may use effects processors, samplers, and looping devices to manipulate elements of the tracks in real-time, creating dynamic and spontaneous moments during her sets. She pays attention to the musical key of the tracks she selects, allowing her to mix songs that complement each other harmonically. This technique adds coherence and musicality to her sets, as well as enabling smooth transitions between tracks.

Have you ever tried this why of playing? if you are a DJ of course… If you are not then you can listen to her music because it is good :)

Why I brought this subject to all of you? It is not just because of Nicole, it is about the importance to be able to prepare yourself for the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence), did you ever though that AI is starting to mix as a basic DJ (the concept of move between two decks with music)?

You may think that this is not an issue but in fact it is a big issue. I would say that in about 4 years from now you will have Virtual Live DJ in many places doing our Job, even someone will create an AI DJ that will play in a festival.

This mean that you need to be different so that you are not taken down. The only way for you to do this are, start producing music and find a way to play in an unique way. Believe me, this is not so far away of happening.

Maybe this can be an article subject for me to bring to all of you, over my 36 years as a musician I now see AI stepping in on our backyard…

See you all soon, kind regards dangello (dangellodj)... Feel free to find me on social-media and drop me a message :)


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