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Next Release Bruno Mendoza

SuperMatrix Ibiza

Today is the day to give thanks!

During the year we had many musical achievements, among them:

@spotify with engagement and great numbers of real followers

And @traxsource with a #topchart

There were several top100 from @beatport

Sometimes recommended in world highlights on music portals.

All of this with the work and organic engagement of our entire team, who committed themselves to our artists to bring real results.

Thanks to everyone from #techhouse #from #techno to #edm #house and from #electronica #music

Thanks to the seals @supermatrixbuzios @desande.oficial @relyt_records @djmusicmag

next year we will be more than today and we will have much more music!

We received confirmation that @brunomendozaofficial's Solo album will be released next year.

Next Release Wasting My Time

Track ID - @stereohank Wasting My Time

Track ID - @stereohank Wasting My Time ( @Brunomendozaofficial Remix)

Pre save exclusive @beatport link in bio

Pre save - Today

Oficial release 23/12

To Ibiza Release 06/01/23

Release To Ibiza

Artists: @brunomendozaofficial @jlonderground

Track ID - To Ibiza

exclusive @beatport link in bio @supermatrixbuzios


- Today

Oficial release 06/01/23

Release :

Bruno Mendoza e LonderGround el famoso duo Brasil x Argentina el resultado fue un increible trackd e Tech House Español To Ibiza el single lanzado por SuperMatrix Buzios.

Next Release 13/01/23

Next Release

Artist @brunomendozaofficial , @ashmusik_13 Feat @ilianatacheva

Track ID - Solo

exclusive @beatport link in bio @supermatrixbuzios


- Today

Oficial release 13/01/23

Release :

Bruno Mendoza, AshMusk and Ilint

presents new Rap single for world peace

Bruno Mendoza Brazilian artist and AshMusik Artist from India and Ilint Bulgarian vocalist, the track represent the union of borders and countries without distinction with a single intention Music and world peace.


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