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Lypovsky is back on music platforms.

After a brief visit to Berlin at the ''Rave The Planet Parade'', in front of 1 million people, the DJ and producer,locked himself in the studio to start new productions.

Along Halley Seidel, his friend whom works at the '' The Motha Focca'' Project, he

released the track ''Ziriguidum DD'', by Lisbon Label, Beats HD Records.

The tune is a Groovy Techno track with a minimalist atmosphere, in which during its minutes don't lose swing.

Lypovsky stated in a brief interview with our team that this new work is just the taste of what is coming and that soon we will have more news.

So fans and lovers of underground 's sounds, watch out for another cutting edge single.

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Lypovsky vs Halley Seidel - Ziriguidum DD

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