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Halley Seidel releases her 4th album called Quarzzimer.

broWith a career that began in 1989 in the midst of a new Dance Music scene that emerged in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the carioca DJ Halley Seidel contributed to the dissemination of electronic sound in the suburbs over the following decades, always following the most Dance Music alternative.

With a promising work and full of originality, he ended up performing in several large musical events such as Rock in Rio III (2001), Rio Parade (2003), Ipanema Stereo Beach (2006) in addition to performing at Tresor Club in Berlin (2007). ) among numerous events in Brazil.

Now to celebrate this long career, the DJ and producer from Rio de Janeiro (who now resides in Portugal) releases his fourth album that contains 40 tracks of his own authorship, which go through some genres of electronic music, also known as emusic.

With the title of Quarzzimer which means 'cause' in german, it is a true musical celebration within the different aspects of Techno Music, passing through Electro, House and pure Techno. Having all 40 tracks signed by the artist and some partnerships with long-time collaborators, such as DJ Nino Leal, three-time champion of DMC Brazil and with the title of the second best DJ in 'scratch' performance in the world.

The Quarzzimer album is a treat for the most casual listener of emusic and a freshness, especially for techno purists who always have some objection to the numerous sub-versions that the genre suffers.

But Quarzzimer is not an album for a specific audience, it's a celebration of Techno Music. The extensive album with its 40 tracks, is a beautiful tour of this style born within the clubs of the festive german city (Berlin) and had a significant (and strong) scene in Detroit (USA), which until today, since the mid-1980s, produces one of the best emusic parties in North America. Quarzzimer is also a celebration for these creators, demonstrating that within the genre Techno Music, there are no frontiers.

Coming soon online on Spotify and Beatport


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