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Sorley returns to defected and releases Tech House Ep !

Sorley returns to DFTD with a cohesive three-track EP, ‘Let It Shine’, building on the North East producer’s recognisable club-oriented aesthetic. His previous DFTD release, the heavily coveted ‘Deadeye’, secured the prime time ‘Friday Fire’ feature from BBC Radio 1 tastemaker Danny Howard. Debuting on Riva Starr’s Snatch! imprint with his chart topping ‘She Freeks’ EP, before releasing more through Danny Howard’s imprint Nothing Else Matters. The next outing for the producer and DJ is championed by the title track; a rubbery, bass-led club release featuring heavy vocal manipulation decorated with squelchy synth lines. What follows is a seamless mix into the understated ‘My Time’ and more minimal ‘Tube Town’, providing a club experience that is 100% Sorley.

1. Let It Shine (Extended Mix)

2. Tube Town (Extended Mix)

3. My Time (Extended Mix)

Written & Produced by Loui Chase Brown

Published by Copyright Control

P&C 2023 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD

Source collaborator @marcelinhowikky


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