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Clube dos Lenhadores launches compilation with several artists.

Its preview has just been exposed, the collection of V.A from the Clube dos Lenhadores.

A nucleus focused on Techno and its aspects! Clube dos Lenhadores' proposal since 2005 is to bring quality music and lots of fun, to be a tool dedicated to the different aspects of the techno scene, seeking to break out of the commercial and appealing circuit imposed by the media and major festivals, to be always improving its physical and sound structure with each edition and, seeking to satisfy techno lovers as much as possible, bringing together friends around the same goal, Techno! This is the first edition with several artists, from which we can get sonic ideas, exposed on this digital disc in which we have 12 Lumberjacks of the genre!

Incl: 12 Tracks

1 Cesar Morr - Rapture (Original Mix) @cesarmorr 2 Ckrutz - Voice Hypnosis (Original Mix) 3 Clara Cibera - Biting Mania (Original Mix) @claracibera 4Crowks - AnyWhere (Original Mix) Ckrutz aka Crowks 5 Domingo Caballero - Uma Opportunidade (Original Mix) @domingo.caballero. techno 6 GAbaT - Persuasion (Original Mix) @gabat.of 7 Halley Seidel - Hard Hit (Original Mix) @halleyseidel 8 ISN - The End Of My Existence (Original Mix) @isn_hardstation 9 Jacks Menec - DSV1 (Original Mix) @jacksmenec 10 Meyer - Chainsmoking Cigarretes (Original Mix) @ ian.mmeyer 11 Regis Lopez - Second Attempt (Original Mix) @djregislopez 12 VERUAH - Year Light (Original Mix)

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Album release date: 29 November 2023 Coming soon on all platforms

Official launch 11/25/2023


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