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TechTonic Guest Announcement!

Track List

01 - Halley Seidel - Spirity of Body (Original Mix) [Klinik Room]

02 - Halley Seidel - Buzzer (Original Mix) [Klinik Room]

03 - Adam Element - Evil Circus - (Halley Seidel RMX)

04 - Hardfloor - Will Survive (Halley Seidel_Techno Survivo RMX)

05 - Laylae - Sonic Orgasm (Halley Seidel REMIX)

06 - Vinicius Honorio & Halley Seidel - Tied Up (Original Mix)

07 - Halley Seidel - Now slleep Awake (Original Mix)

08 - Halley Seidel - The number one of Techno (Original VCDR MIX)

09 - Halley Seidel - There's only crazy (Original Mix)

10 - _Halley Seidel - Control your mind, control your soul (Original Mix)

11 - Fenix Collab - Halley Seidel _ Vallent _ Lacca (PAIN)

12 - Halley Seidel - Start of Madness (Motor City Sound Remix)

13 - Halley Seidel - Start of Madness Moderate (Original Mix)

14 - Halley Seidel - Automatic - (Original Mix)

15 - Halley Seidel - Say hello to the Universe (HS1 Original Voz Mix)

16 - Halley Seidel - Total Reality (Original Mix)

E75 is incoming and this month we are proud and pleased to announce a true grafter and global hopping DJ & Producer....Rio born Halley Seidel.

One of the most dedicated artists of Rio, Brazil and the World scene, DJ Producer Halley Seidel has his own music and presentation style, well known amongst his fans.

His production work captures a range of sounds within the techno genre, including Acid Techno, Melodic through to Industrial Techno sounds. A prolific producer, and a regular in the Beatport 100.

Over the decades he's played in front of an estimated 300,000 dance music aficionados in a variety of venues including the prestigious Tresor Berlin and recently played the huge 'Rave The Planet' Love Parade in Germany. He's played alongside stalwarts like Dave Angel and Westbam amongst many others.

Halley will be playing an EXCLUSIVE Producers Set for the show-an hour of his productions including unheard work.

Once again-TechTonic brings the finest sounds from the underground. In the meantime check out Halley's Social media links.


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