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Our House Museum Tour Amsterdã

Here is a cultural demonstration, coming to NL for a gig and bumping into Our House. A museum of electronic music and impeccable presentation, this temple is worth shedding tears.

Our movement did not start with a bang, but a beat.

From Amsterdam to Tokyo and London to Chicago… Electronic dance music culture is all around. Here at Our House Museum, we aim to tell the journey of the music genre from a rebellious underground community evolving into a global cultural phenomenon through a variety of (interactive) exhibits and installations.

The History Masterclass

Explore the roots of electronic music and learn about its journey through the eyes of some of its creators: DJ-producers Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Diplo, and Charlotte de Witte. These five icons will take you on a musical journey spanning over four decades of electronic dance music - starting with the days of disco and the warehouses of Chicago, to the multi-million-dollar industry it has become today.

Defining Moments of Electronic Music Culture

The Defining Moments Exhibit covers four decades of memories starting from 1977 to 2020 and is divided into three eras. From Kraftwerk's debut, Disco Demolition and house music in Chicago to raves and superclubs and the final era of superstar DJ's, subgenres and the rise of party capitals like Ibiza.

Photo Exhibits

Throughout the museum and its extended premises, you can find a collection of carefully curated photos from the many raves, artists and club nights that have taken place in the last four decades.

The Culture's Art

In the early years of electronic music events, the industry used cassette tapes, phone booths, stickers, and flyers to take each party to the next level. Our House has a unique collection of club, festival, and artist flyers spanning over 40 years of dance culture as part of our permanent collection on display. Our flyer collection is curated by artists Frank Burghout (Voutloos) and Chelsea-Louise Berlin. Both influential artists have helped shape the creative industry that’s fuelled dance culture. Each flyer is accompanied by an iconic track of that event, taking you back to that momentous occasion.

Icon Series