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Vinyl lovers get another record factory

To supply the constant search for vinyl album formats, a pair of German DJs decided to create a vinyl factory for independent artists and record labels.

The Objects Manufacturing factory, created by Daniel Plasch (manager of RSO Berlin club) and Jeremy Guillot (former DJ of Stattbad Wedding), arose due to the growth in vinyl sales of famous pop music artists. However, there is a gap in this market that affects small-scale artists. To compensate for this "gap" in the market for these artists, the Objects Manufacturing factory was created and works exclusively for the independent market and small record labels.

In an interview with the international press, one of the founders of Objects Manufacturing, Daniel Plasch, stated: "We are certainly open for everybody, but we do want to focus on smaller and independent labels because those are the ones that have been suffering through the time when record pressing wasn't as fashionable, and they kept the industry alive and are now suffering again." He continued: "It was the independent and small labels keeping it alive, and it was the music lovers who do know that it is different if you actually have something in your hand."

Objects Manufacturing also has an environmental consciousness and uses 100% recyclable materials with zero emissions of polluting gases. In addition, they reuse materials that were left over from previous pressings and do not use heavy metals. In other words, everything is sustainable.

More information: Objects Manufacturing

Sourche : Mixmag


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