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Halley Seidel launches on Second Segment, Sub-label of SKR (DE)


In the Brazuca language, ''The shit is for real!'' is what refers to the Brazilianized speech of Funk Music Carioca, along with the fast techno Beats Music.

This exclamation is serious and so is the music!

A track that combines both worlds; the smash with the vocals and beats of ''Funk Favela Bass'' and the synth's and beats of Techno Underground.

Want proof?

Check out the responsa spoiler, press play and turn up the volume:

The stuff here is serious, you know?!

Pre-order now for your Beatport audition:

Exclusively check out the TeaSer video spoiler, here on the DJMUSIC MAG channel

Coming soon also on Spotify Halley Seidel

More on Second Segment, SKR Sub-label (DE)


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