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Halley Seidel begins her next European tour at 'Weisse Hase' in Berlin

Rio de Janeiro DJ Halley Seidel, and one of the pioneers in the Techno scene in Rio de Janeiro, announced performance dates in Germany, but precisely in the capital Berlin, one of the birthplaces of Techno Music.

This is not the first time that Halley has performed in Germany, in 2007 he spent a long time in the region playing in underground clubs and at Club Tresor, one of the temples of the genre, and a place responsible for promoting the musical style.

Below are the dates.

Berlin at Works


23-02 Rafa Fx

02-05 Halley Seidel

05-08 Klarer Bernstein

Anne Bar:

00-03 Patrick Diggla

03-06 Morris Fitch

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