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6 years of digging!

6 years of digging!

Exactly on the 24th of March of 2017 we initiated our excavation of precious sound gems in various rave-caves, enduring through high pressures and temperatures. Withstanding through time and the elements, after 30 party-excavations in Lisbon, hopping around 5 venues, through quicksands and lava, we’ve been through it! And we can solidly say how it’s all been worth walking this rocky path alongside you all - thank you!

Come along to get salted, crack geodes, and fool around with minerals and sound waves along with:

23h - 10h

donation 13

- Set an intention, bring lovers, and friends, look after them and after yourselves

- Our Ravers Care Corner is there to make this ride comfortable and as safe as possible, please reach out if needed

- No pre-registration needed, arrive early, tickets only at the entrance, mind that space is limited - doors close at 4am

- Be respectful of others when queuing and respect our team

- Bring cash and coins

- If you have no funds, please dm us until the day before

Don’t forget to rock your body, solidify and melt, drink mineral water and dance.

special crystal-jewelry by @lostmyjulz

artwork of @wandalismo


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