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Highlights of the week

New releases from Dj Music Mag.

Reback Records

We already have the first reference of Capitán Orate that brings us this EP loaded with melodies and heavy bases to dance with a spectacular bass to not stop dancing!!

Next Reback

Upcoming release from Reback Records

The time has come for the sixth reference from Reback called Goodness to be in charge of Joan Le Frais where once again he fills us with the best tech house sound but influenced by other styles such as electro, progressive or melodic in any case this single will be there to dance Coming Soon This is just a small preview of what's in the works at .

Obviously the figure of Le Frais will always be stamped on the Reback brand and always fulfilling the expectations exposed to the public that has been following it for 20 years and the new followers make every day seem like time has passed in a second, always enjoying the good music like this

SuperMatrix Buzios

E.P - Free Your Mind E.P

Track 1 - Free Your Mind

Track 2 - Big Sky

Track 3 - Devoted

Track 4 - What a Fucky!

did you like it ? 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or all?

exclusive @beatport link in bio @supermatrixbuzios

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Remix @haluemm

E.P - Levis

Track 1 - Levis - Extended Mix

Track 2 - Levis - Radio Mix

Track 3 - Levis - @haluemm Remix

exclusive @beatport link in bio @supermatrixbuzios


- Next

Oficial release 24/04

Release : Levis E.P

Desande Oficial

Today Release exclusive @beatport

Track 1 - True

Track 2 - Simples

Next Release

Up E.P

Track 1 - Up ( Original Mix)

Track 2 - Up (Extended Mix)

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Oficial release 16/05/23

Link in bio @desande.oficial

New Sonox release, Ernes Joey, dj and electronic producer, two tracks

Deep house sound by Ernes Joey, from Spain, a great producer who offers us his work, two new songs, through Sonox, now available exclusively on Beatport.


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