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Exclusive Interview - DJ/Music Producer - Léo Franco

Leandro Cerqueira aka Léo Franco, DJ and Music Producer has been gaining more and more space in the scene with his electronic music project. Recently with exclusive releases by the Hyper Dimension label, he was the most heard artist abroad with his work TECH BASS in the Tech House strand this last semester.

DJ Music in honor of the recognition deserved brings exclusive coverage in this interview dedicated to his career with the producer giving his tips on how to fly higher with his serious and dedicated work. Check it out: 1 - Who are you? Who are you? Tell me more about the artist: - The LEO FRANCO project started in reviews and encouragement from my wife. 2 - Where do you imagine yourself in 5 years? - I don't know yet! I don't like to mark time I think, that everything has no time to happen, now I imagine myself playing in the best places in the world yes I just don't know when it will happen I let things go their way and keep working, I'm enjoying the process. 3 - What are your most relevant projects or participations so far? - So far TECH BASS.

4 - Tell me something unusual that happened to you as an artist/in your career: - This year I was called to play in the AME Block without having a sense of the dimension that was, I arrived late because of traffic and took a scare with the size of the event when I arrived by my calculations still had 15 min so I left entering the stage to play the 15 min without knowing q the LINE uP had late! Biggest crazy thing! Since then it has been one of my best performances. 5 - Do you have any releases coming soon or recently? What? - Soon already has two tracks to be released, this year promises a lot! 6 - About inspirations, what were yours? - I really like to listen to Dom Dolla and Matroda, I think they are the reference producers for me; 7 - Have you had support in your career? From whom/what? - No, just give my wife even lol 8 - If you could choose 3 artists to produce/perform with them, what would they be? - Don Dolla, Matroda, Pleight.

9 - Leave here a message for the Readers and fans of DJ Music Mag: - Music is something liberating, music saves it saved me and since then I keep doing everything with love I want to take this my love to the maximum of people. Follow Léo Franco and Hyper Dimension to stay on top of upcoming releases on your Social Networks.


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