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Bruno Mendoza: DJ, Music Producer, and Environmental Activist, along with Sergeant Machado, representing the residents of the region, and Councilman Sergeant Galibert, Victory for Várzea Grande MT-BR

Bruno Mendoza is a revered name in the international music scene, but his influence goes beyond the stages where his music resonates. With a decade-long career that has taken him to over 35 countries, including Spain, Colombia, and Argentina, Mendoza stands out not only as a talented artist but also as a dedicated environmental and social activist. He uses his platform to advocate for important causes, especially in support of the Brazilian population.

Sergeant Machado, one of the individuals collaborating with Bruno Mendoza and Councilman Galibert, plays a vital role in representing the residents of the region. A local resident for over thirty years, he has witnessed drastic environmental degradation firsthand. Councilman Galibert, as stated by Bruno to our editorial team, has spent the last 4 years addressing the population's requests with extreme seriousness.

The city hall of Várzea Grande, under the leadership of current Mayor Kalil, demonstrates commitment to the population. Bruno confirms that over the past 4 years, there has been a significant improvement in the region's service by the public entity, encouraging meaningful improvements.

A resident of Várzea Grande, in Mato Grosso, Mendoza holds degrees in Public Management and Human Resources. He has used this expertise masterfully in his four-year battle for the deactivation of a Sewage Treatment Plant (ETE), which caused environmental and public health damages in the region. With the support of Councilman Sergeant Galibert and the local community, he has been an unwavering voice in the search for solutions.

Recently, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Mato Grosso and the city hall of Várzea Grande agreed on the need to deactivate the Sewage Treatment Plant (ETE), after several studies and reports pointed to the urgency of this measure. Plans for the construction of a new treatment plant were revealed during a previous visit to the city hall, promising significant improvements for the local population.

A crucial aspect of this battle was the revelation of the negative impacts of the "wetlands" style treatment ponds, installed in 2021, through a video from TVG. This sewage treatment attempt was not effective, highlighting the need for more appropriate approaches.

The impact of inhaling methane gas on a large scale is a serious threat to public health, capable of causing respiratory irritations and, in extreme situations, explosions.

The involvement of Mendoza and other artists and public influencers in social and environmental issues highlights the importance of artistic community engagement in the fight for a better world. Mendoza's appointment as president of the Chapada dos Cristais union demonstrates his ongoing commitment to the region's progress.

DJ Music Mag magazine highlights this case as an example of the power of artists in helping the population, emphasizing the importance of music and positive influence in building a fairer and more sustainable society.


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