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Bringing a different article to all of you

How many of you know Vegas, I mean Las Vegas? For sure all of you know it and for sure some of you have already been there for sure. So why I’m bring this today on my article? The reason is simple, this year I have been there again and I was staying in Marriott, Las Vegas Marriott near the convention center. Since I arrived during the day driving by car I did not saw what I was able to capture from my room at night and that was the MSG Sphere. So what is the MSG Sphere?

View from my hotel from :)

The MSG Sphere at The Venetian, commonly referred to as "Vegas Sphere", is a state-of-the-art entertainment venue that was under development in Las Vegas. It's a project between The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) and Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Here are some notable details about the project:

1. Design and Size: The venue is a spherical shape and is designed to stand about 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide.

2. Capacity: Once completed, the MSG Sphere is expected to have a seating capacity of around 17,500 people.

3. Immersive Experience: The inside of the sphere is designed to offer an immersive experience. It's expected to have a massive LED screen that wraps around the interior, which would be one of the largest LED screens in the world.

4. Advanced Sound: The venue will feature beamforming sound technology, which directs sound waves to specific locations in the sphere. This means that each attendee can have a personalized audio experience.

5. Location: The Sphere is located on Sands Avenue between Manhattan Street and Koval Lane.

6. Connectivity: The Sphere will have high-speed connectivity to cater to events and concerts where digital immersion and interactivity are crucial.

7. Purpose: While it is designed to be a top-of-the-line concert venue, the Sphere could also host various events, from award shows to esports tournaments.

8. Completion: As of my last update, the Sphere was slated to open in 2023. However, there may have been changes or delays in the meantime.

9. Cost: Initial estimates had the project at around $1.2 billion, but like many construction projects of its scale and complexity, costs can escalate over time due to a variety of factors.

what kind of shows will happen there?

The MSG Sphere at The Venetian, due to its state-of-the-art features and massive size, is designed to host a wide variety of events and shows. While I cannot predict the exact lineup of events post-2021, here's a general idea of the types of shows and events that could potentially take place there:

1. Concerts: Given the advanced audio and visual technologies inside the sphere, it's an ideal venue for concerts. Big-name artists from various genres might perform there, taking advantage of the venue's capabilities to offer a unique and immersive concert experience.

2. Award Shows: The capacity and technological features make it a good fit for hosting major award ceremonies, which often require advanced staging, lighting, and sound.

3. Esports Tournaments: The rise of esports has seen a need for large, technologically advanced venues, and the MSG Sphere could be a prime location for major esports events.

4. Corporate Events: Companies might use the venue for product launches, conventions, and other large gatherings, leveraging the advanced tech features to showcase products or host interactive presentations.

5. Theatrical Shows: The venue could host specially designed theater productions or touring shows that would benefit from its unique design and technological capabilities.

6. Interactive Experiences: Given the beamforming sound technology and the massive LED screen, the Sphere can offer one-of-a-kind interactive experiences, potentially drawing creators who design immersive exhibitions or shows.

7. Broadcast Events: Special television or streaming events, like live talk shows, reality show finales, or other broadcasts, might use the Sphere as a backdrop.

8. Film Screenings: The Sphere could be an ideal location for special film screenings or premieres, especially for films that benefit from an immersive audiovisual experience.

WOW imagine this venue for musicians, right! Who were the first to play there?

If you haven’t yet heard U2 has just been announced as the first performance. U2’s concerts at the venue will be part of a residency that will be spread out over several months and be performed on non-consecutive days. MSG Sphere will seat 17,500 people but be able to expand to 20,000. This will be coupled with a 170,000 speaker multi-layered audio system. The plan is to have a state-of-the-art “beam-forced” sound transmission with “infrasound” haptic flooring systems. Basically, guests will really be able to FEEL the audio. The exterior would be a 350-foot round dome that is fully programmable to visualize a number of things from the earth itself to the surrounding skylines.

TAKE A MOMENT and what this video: you will be impressed!!

But this also means that DJ´s will play there right, who cloud be the good candidates for a show there?

I’m pretty sure that many are already preparing the video and sound technology to deliver there the ultimate show.


Undoubtedly, Tale of US are among the best positioned to capitalize on the Sphere's unique capabilities. The Afterlife visionaries have been bringing their heralded dystopian robot visuals to massive festivals and standalone complexes across the country, and a trip to the Sphere seems like a logical next step.


Imagine ERIC PRYDZ’ HOLO visuals leaping out from the walls of the all-encompassing Sphere. From massive gliding humpback whales to clenched fingers uncurling in 3D from the stage, the "Opus" producer's one-of-a-kind experience is built for the cutting-edge venue.


ODESZA have been raising the industry standard for what "cinematic" visuals look like for years. The powerhouse duo can do it all, and the visual experience they could potentially bring to thousands at the Sphere is one we can only dream of.


"The Spectacle" is a newcomer to the world of immersive visuals, but there's already tangible excitement for what Rezz has in store. The debut of her new production at Red Rocks featured an ambitious offering of visuals surrounding her signature glowing glasses, and we look forward to the day her shades are haunting the Sphere's walls.


The Chemical Brothers have become known for their robust arrangement of vividly psychedelic visuals, from larger-than-life robots to calming colonies of butterflies. Landmark European festivals have been the primary beneficiaries of the legendary duo's stage production in 2023, but we're holding out hope they can be swayed to Sin City with a high-profile booking at the city's new premier venue.

I’m pretty sure the race is on, even me, I’m preparing the show to play there with MyBackyard by dangellodj ehehehehe, of course this is a joke and a big dream that will never happen I think, but who knows :)

Hope you all like this article and see you on the next one!

My very best regards, dangellodj


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